• 16 Jun, 2024

A Long Weekend in Dubai - How to Maximize Your Time Away

A Long Weekend in Dubai - How to Maximize Your Time Away

Would you like to waste the precious moments of a long weekend trip? No, you won’t. Especially when you are in the marvelous city of Dubai. Dubai is an increasingly popular tourist place because of its modern structures, large malls, exciting theme parks, and over and above, the desert safari.

Whether you book one of the comprehensive dubai holiday packages or arrange the trip of your own; planning and time-management are the crucial aspects.

You must plan an itinerary in such a way that you do not miss any of the prominent places Dubai is famous for. Here is a guide to maximize your time away.

Sightseeing on the first day The city of Dubai is ever-evolving. Every year you will find something new and exclusive there. Hence, plan the sightseeing tour on the first day. Book one of the best *dubai sightseeing packages*.

If you are there for three days, then cut short the sightseeing tour to half a day.

You can take a hop on-hop off bus, a full-day guided tour or rent a car and explore Dubai yourself. Don’t miss to go to the top of Burj Khalifa. It is normally included in the package tours. You can book at the top burj khalifa tickets online also.

History and cultural tour on the second day

Dubai is not just a city with amazing humanmade wonders, but it carries a long history and heritage. Book trip to go to some of the world-famous historical places there.

Dubai Museum is the main attraction located in the historical Al Fahidi Fort. It gives a fair idea about the art, culture and living style of the ancient Dubai.

Other that Dubai Museum, there are several other places also such as Hatta Heritage Village, Heritage House, and the Antiques Museum.

The adventurous third day

Nobody should miss the Desert Safari in any case. Whether you stay there overnight if time permits or book a half a day tour; the experience is overwhelming.

Camel ride, dune bashing, sand surfing and camping in the desert; it is a package of fun and thrill.

Alternate choices

If you are on a three-day tour, then you can alter this program as per your preferences. Shopping-crazy people can go shopping the whole day instead of sightseeing.

Those who want to test their nerves can go to various theme parks. Dubai has one of the best theme parks in the world. It is possible to get dubai sightseeing package deals at the best price if you book in advance.