• 16 Jun, 2024

Rugged, Thrilling, Quirky & Exotic Places To Visit in Dubai

Rugged, Thrilling, Quirky & Exotic Places To Visit in Dubai

Rugged, Thrilling, Quirky & Exotic Places To Visit in Dubai

Rugged, Thrilling, Quirky & Exotic Places To Visit in Dubai

Do you conjure up images of incredible humanmade architectural marvels, huge roads and flyovers, huge malls and trails of luxury when you imagine about Dubai?

Even if you are the type to always hunt for places with natural beauty, don’t commit the mistake of ignoring Dubai. Indeed, the steel structures and the luxuriousness of this place pulls millions of tourists from the nukes and corners of the world; it’s not all Dubai brings. Yes, the city has everything that has been mentioned here, but it is beyond all this. Dubai carries a magnificent past, and it is a city with rich cultural heritage.

Contrast to the concrete jungle of Dubai; you can find a few natural places that are so pious and untouched that you fall in love with them. Just underneath the glare and glitz, sparkle and shine, lies another facet of Dubai- culture, adventure, filled with challenging desert, jagged mountains, magnificent beaches and mouthwatering food!

Wadi Ghalilah, the stairway to heaven

It is a mountain trail located at the motorable distance from Dubai which links a village in Oman with Ras Al Khaimah. For mountaineers and rock climbers, the 1500-meter climb is a great thrilling experience. The winding cliffs, narrow paths, and steep rocks are just superb! Yes, the hike isn’t for everyone. However, those who carry the stamina and strength to reach the top are rewarded with a magnificent view that the tourists can’t forget for the lifetime.

Big Red, the stunning sand dune

Want to feel Mars on our own blue planet? Well, the gigantic red dune Al Hamar stores enough adventures that can take the adrenaline to the peaks. The 100-meters high sand dune attracts thousands of travelers and locals who love to test their nerves. Duna bashing, sand boarding, quad biking; it is a perfect arena for adventure seekers. The high iron oxide gives it the eerie red background creating an effect of some Hollywood blockbuster science-fiction. A travel advisory is to carry a lot of water. Avoid going there in the scorching heat. Dawn is the best time to travel the Big Red.

The list of quirky and exotic places doesn’t end here. Dubai is a kaleidoscope of fun and entertainment. From desert safari to artificial rainforest, jungle safari to theme parks, from dhow cruise to ancient villages; the spectrum is quite extensive.

Come and explore the city of Dubai and get amazed at the multiple facets of it.