• 15 Jun, 2024

Experience The Thrill of the Arabian Culture

Experience The Thrill of the Arabian Culture

Experience The Thrill of the Arabian Culture

Dubai mesmerizes the tourists worldwide with its tall buildings and amazing architectural masterpieces. However, beyond the shadows of the skyscrapers, there lies a city that still holds the greatness of Arabic culture. It is away from the longest or tallest or biggest; but not inferior at all. One should have the perspective and interest to know about the great history of Dubai.

When you talk to the tour operator, you always ask about legoland dubai tickets or img world tickets because you know about these places. However, when you step outside of gleaming Dubai to experience the Bedouin culture, you realize that it is equally enthralling.

The cultural heritage of Dubai

The lifestyle in the ancient times was more nomadic in Dubai. People were traveling back and forth between the desert and the coast. While leaving the desert, they used to vacate the entire area.

You can see the glimpses of that life in the museums, old monuments and even in the desert safari.

Openness, curiosity, and generosity were the prominent characteristics of Bedouin culture. The roots of modern Dubai are quite old. You can feel how deeply the culture runs. The behavior of local people impresses you. Their simplicity and genuineness are outstanding.

Sheikh Mohammad Centre for Cultural Understanding

SMCCU is the best place to have a deeper understanding of the local culture, customs and costumes.

The center organizes several sessions, seminars, workshops, and cultural events to make the tourists familiar with the Arabic culture. You may get a chance of attending Iftar if it is the month of Ramadan.

Al Fahidi Historic District

It is the fascinating face of old Dubai. To get the real crux of it you need to leave the car behind. People rumble there aimlessly on the narrow streets to get the pulse of it.

The famous souqs are hardly a few minutes’ away from this place. Those who visit the area once can’t forget for the lifetime. Of course, you must possess the best bargaining skills.

You name it, and the thing is there. From spices to 24-carat gold jewelry and cloth to stitched garments; everything is there at a mind-boggling price.

Desert safari

When you book the dubai land package, the desert safari is always there. Yes, this fantastic experience gives you the glimpses of Arabic culture and traditions.

The dance performances, henna tattoos, hookah, and Arabic coffee; all carry the signature of Bedouin culture.

You need to be the plan the tour differently if you want to explore the cultural aspect of Dubai.