• 16 Jun, 2024

What Its Like Living In Dubai

What Its Like Living In Dubai

What Its Like Living In Dubai

For all those planning to move their base to Dubai, There are certain things specific to Dubai. We don’t mean the massive sky scrapers or the world’s biggest mall. Life in Dubai is a little different from the other countries – To start off, Sunday is the new Monday. While you might be aware of this one, there are many others that solely belong to Dubaites. If you are already living in Dubai, then you probably know what we are talking about.

1. Uber Eats and other delivery app are going to be your best friend

Living alone is tough and more than the living, taking on the extra responsibilities is going to make things even tougher. Ordering is going to be your best friend. The food delivery apps is your go-to. It’s the only people you see daily other than any of your friends.

2. You know when not to visit the supermarket

You have learned your lesson the hard way! You know to pick everything from the supermarket for the week on the weekend, because going to a supermarket after work is a nightmare come true.

3. You can leave your bag unattended without any worry

You can keep your bags and wallet freely at any place unattended and you will find it exactly there. In Dubai, at the start, you probably will not be able to deal with this fact that valuables can be left unattended safely.

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4. Friends of all Nationalities

Dubai is a place where a majority of the population consist of expats so you are going to meet people from all over the world, which means making friends from different countries and cultures.

5. VOIP access is blocked

There is no WhatsApp calls, FaceTime and Skype in Dubai. It feels so good when you go back home on a holiday and you get a call on WhatsApp.

6. Drinking and driving is a strict no-no

There is a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving in Dubai. You get used to not taking your car even if you step out for one drink. And if you are caught you’ll be in big trouble.

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7. Food and Fitness

If you have lived in Dubai you will know how difficult it is to maintain a food and fitness balance. With all the delicious food options, you will easily be distracted from your meal plan. The struggle is real with all the mouthwatering delicious sugary food available at your disposal.

8. Obsessed with the biggest and largest

From the tallest buildings to man-made islands to parks, Dubai has everything which is the biggest and largest in the world.

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9. Avoiding SZR in the evening

You dread taking the SZR road after work and during rush hours. You constantly try to find different ways to avoid the SZR road, and if you do manage to find an alternate less crowded route you keep that a secret.

10. You wait for Ramadan

You probably only heard of Ramadan but you don’t know its benefits until you move to Dubai. A month of half days and Iftar invites is what awaits you in Ramadan in Dubai. Though it’s tough to find food during the day you still love and wait for it every year.