• 15 Jul, 2024

Dubai City Tour, what all can you expect?

Dubai City Tour, what all can you expect?

Dubai City Tour, what all can you expect?

Dubai City Tour, what all can you expect? What makes Dubai the 7th most visited tourist places in the world? It’s not just the sky-kissing towers, amazing humanmade wonders or huge malls, but the incredible mix of modern life and rich cultural heritage. It is located at a convenient distance from most of the countries. No wonder, millions of people wish to visit Dubai atleast once for its amazing experience.

What is the best way to see all famous places in the city of Dubai conveniently?

Booking a Dubai city tour is your best bet. The tour covers almost all the prominent sights in Dubai and the tour guide can further enhance your experience by sharing historic information about the sights you are visiting.

A Comprehensive Tour

All Dubai city tours are not the same. There are several variations when you book a city tour. The places you would visit during the city tour may vary depending on the tour operator you decide to do the tour with. You should get an itinerary or list of places you would be visiting during the tour from your tour operator before the commencing of the tour.

The Journey

The tourists are picked up in Luxury Coach, Lexus, Previa or Land Cruises depending on what they have selected. After driving along the stunning Jumeirah Beach, which in itself is a very relaxing experience, the tour makes its first stop, which is Burj Al Arab. One of the most significant and popular hotels in the world. The tour halts here for a few minutes so that tourists can capture the beautiful sights of the one of a kind hotel.

The Tour Continues

The next stop is the Jumeirah mosque after which the tour continues to the traditional side of Dubai. Passing by Zabeel palace, arriving on the older side of the city. Drive past the Al Fahidi cultural neighborhood to see the famous wind-tower architecture and cobbled streets followed by a visit to the Dubai Museum to learn about the rich heritage of the country. Crossing from the Bur Dubai side of the Creek, the tours takes a traditional Abra (water taxi) crossing over Dubai Creek to the Deira side. Following the entertaining guide through the famous Spice and Gold Souks of Dubai, the tour ends after some leisure time in the Souk. Once the tour comes to an end, we head back to the drop off location.

Dubai City - A Quick Glimpse

Dubai is a huge city, hoping to explore the entire city in a day or even two days is impractical. However, be rest assured that taking a Dubai city tour with Coast to Coast, will cover your visit to all major attractions in Dubai. Every passing year, the list for ‘Must Visit Places in Dubai’ keeps adding new attractions to make the Dubai experience more mesmerizing not only for first time visitors but also for returning visitors.

The recently opened Dubai Parks and Resorts, which includes Bollywood Parks, Motiongate Dubai, Legoland Theme Park and Legoland Waterpark are recent additions to the Dubai attractions list. The most recent addition to the list is the Dubai Frame, which gives a glimpse of old and new Dubai on either side of the structure. Another must visit attraction for your sky viewing pleasure is At the Top 124th Floor. It is an observatory deck located on the 124th floor of the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa), where tourists can see the entire city from an unimaginable height.

Most people who visit At the Top 124th Floor often couple the attraction with Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, which is the largest Aquarium in the world. The reason being, both the attractions are located at the same place. Visiting Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, also allows tourist’s to do some shopping at the largest mall in the world (Dubai Mall). Insist your tour operator to buy you At the Top 124th Floor + Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Combo Tickets so that your experience is complete and more enjoyable.