• 16 Jun, 2024

Dubai Aquarium: Rediscover The Beautiful Marine Life

Dubai Aquarium: Rediscover The Beautiful Marine Life

Dubai Aquarium: Rediscover The Beautiful Marine Life

Many tourist attractions across the globe include the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo located at the Dubai Mall. Indeed, it's a beautiful place to visit with your family especially kids to make them acquainted with the lovely aquatic world. Getting Dubai Aquarium tickets can offer you a chance to interact face to face with about 33,000 aquatic animals.

It's one of the most popular place in Asia visited by tourists across the globe to acknowledge the marine life and exuberant atmosphere of the sea. You can feel vivid colours, incredible surroundings, and magnificent beauty at the World’s largest Dubai aquarium displays beautiful Stingrays, giant Sand Tiger Sharks, and large Groupers. Visiting Dubai Aquarium, you can experience and be pampered by the shimming shoals of Pelagic Fish.

The Dubai Aquarium is massive in size and has an Underwater Zoo where they have beautiful fishes, pig nose turtles, and penguins! There are many cool cafes, and franchises from all across the globe in Dubai mall. You can try savoury dishes at Baja Fresh, which is a Mexican restaurant franchise from the US. They taste entirely different from what you have in your home city, in a good way!

What are the Special Attractions in Dubai Aquarium?

Aquarium Tunnel:

A 48 meters long tunnel provides you 11 meters underwater feeling. Experience the marine life to learn something from sea drivers who feed the Sharks and Stingrays throughout the day. Get a chance to know more about interesting aquatic floras and faunas. Try to know sea driver communication gear who wants to tell something interesting about the habits of many marine animals. Sea diver's feeding aquatic animals.


Imagine the lovely River bed right in Dubai surrounded by many aquatic animals such as playful Otters, dangerous Piranha, Giant Catfish and Water Rats. Try some adventure by being with these animals in the Rainforest from a tree canopy and a suspension bridge.

Rocky Shore:

A serene place where the land meets the sea showcasing graceful views of a Humboldt Penguin colony with a group of relaxing Harbour Seals. Come more close to various rock pool inhabitants by touching a few of them.

Living Ocean:

Feel the living ocean with naked eye displaying deadly fish along with graceful Sea Jellies, tangled Moray Eels and enchanting Sea Dragons.

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