This is Why IMG World is so Famous!

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This is Why IMG World is so Famous!

Those who have experienced the fun of IMG World Dubai can only tell how thrilling it is! Currently known as the largest indoor theme park in the world, it has beaten another legendary entertainment destination in Dubai; the Ferrari World.

The whole day you spend in a place that it just out of the world. Located next to the Global Village, it is quite convenient to reach using the public transport network or private conveyance. The taxi stand just in front of the park makes commutation no problem at all. Several hotels offer shuttle service with pick and drop facility. IMG world tickets usually are included in the tour packages as it is one of the most preferred destinations. However, you can buy tickets separately if it is not part of the bouquet.

How would you extract the most fun there?

Whether the trip to the IMG world is part of your dubai sightseeing package deals or you buy it separately, it is significant to know how to plan the tour so that you get the best value for money. Where would you go first? The park is so large that you won’t find it crowded even on a weekend morning.

The twenty-odd signature rides of all four adventure zones keep the spectators fully occupied. The Lost Valley or Dinosaur Adventure is a perfect blend of adventure rides and signature rides. The mechanics are so realistic that the views get an illusion of the real Jurassic Park. Kids get further delighted in the classic Cartoon Network Zone where they get the incredible creatures of Adventure Time, Ben 10 and Powerpuff Girls. However, it is a place where even adults also have great fun.

The Marvel Zone brings all famous superheroes who enthralled the viewers in the movies. It is an area that revolves around the timeless classics brought to you by Marvel films. It is a lifetime memorable tour indeed.

The fun never stops at IMG

Last, but not the least; get ready for goosebumps in the Haunted Hotel. It is not a destination for scary-cats for sure, but those who love to get thrilled would love the place. IMG World is one of the most enchanting places in Dubai. It is a true family destination where everyone enjoys. You must include it in the itinerary if it is not part the package. Most of the dubai sightseeing packages have it, though.

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