• 15 Jun, 2024

Experience the Thunder of Legoland Water Park

Experience the Thunder of Legoland Water Park

Experience the Thunder of Legoland Water Park

Do you want your kids to collect some unforgettable experiences while visiting Dubai? Then you must not forget to make Legoland Water Park a must-visit site in your Dubai holiday package as Legoland Water Park is one of the hub-spots offering immense joy and enjoyment for kids and families.

Begin Your Big Splash with Legoland Water Park

Dubai has stamped itself on the global tourist map as a country which offers diverse avenues for the tourist to have the best times of his life. Make use of Legoland Dubai tickets and transport yourself and your kids into the magical and vibrant world of Legoland. The interactive games and thrilling rides will give your kids some highly exhilarating moments of their life as they test their creativity and sliding skills with one another. Let your young one build his own raft and test it against the water currents or navigate the raft through the gallons of waters or just wade through the pool and get drenched by a torrential downpour; there are innumerable things for him or her to do within the water park. You are guaranteed that none among the family will be disappointed with its offerings.

Range of Activities to Indulge In

The Build-a-raft activity enables families to personalize their own raft with the colorful LEGO bricks and float down the lazy waters of the river in it. The Build-a-boat activity on the other hand helps them to get creative and build boats which can be tested against the swirling currents of the water. If the young ones want to get into the splash element they can move over to the many slides resplendent with Lego characters. The twin chasers help to show off their speed skills as they race against one another eventually slipping into the wading waters below. Those who are brave hearted can take a ride on the 60 foot drop slide before splashing out into the waters. And those kids who want to slide with their families can go together on a family- meant raft which slithers down a 300 plus long curved track on a wide diameter footed half pipe. After having had enough of all activities the sufficiently sized wave pool acts as a relaxing haven that dispels all the tiredness.

On a Concluding Note

All Dubai tour packages including Dubai package for couple have Legoland Water Park as a part of their itinerary. So make the most of it!