• 16 Jun, 2024

La Perle-The Experience

La Perle-The Experience

La Perle-The Experience

Spectacular dance performances emerging from the deep darkness, fantastically decorated stage and dancers gracefully gliding into the air; a splash of colors and glitter; words can’t describe the experience at La Perle.

The mind-boggling dance of laser beams, incredible leaps and dives, jaw-dropping performances; it is an extravaganza of the cream of the aquatic stunt performers, acrobats, and much more. It is an experience that is metaphorically out of the world. It is guaranteed that spectators are left on the edge of their seats in at Le Perle Dubai.

Though the beginning was a bit timid, the show picked up fantastically moment later and eventually made its presence in the top ten most-sought attractions in the glittering city of Dubai. The surroundings overwhelm the audience and capture their senses with the intense action, fun, and drama. You traverse to some unknown and unexplored world of music, magic, and wonder. Brought to Dubai by creators of some of the most mesmerizing shows in the Las Vegas, it is a show that grabs the attraction of spectators of all age groups.

Why is La Perle a Must Visit? One expects sky-kissing buildings, magnificent structures, luxurious shopping and unforgettable desert safari experiences in Dubai; but the city has many more things other than these. Hosted by the city of Al Habtoor, La Perle is a new destination with one-and-half hour power-packed performance. Flying acts, gutsy dives, extravagant light and the soothing music will leave you breathless.

LA Perle is the “theatre of the modern era” that redefines the visual experience in a new way. The fleet of artists, technicians and supporting staff jointly create such a fantastic world that one forgets everything and get engrossed in it. The show doesn’t permit kids below two years, and there is no slashed price for kids above two years. Everyone must buy the tickets at full price unless you have purchased your La Perla Tickets from CTC Tourism. It is quite easy and convenient to reach La Perle. It is hardly five-minutes driving distance from the Business Bay Metro Station on the Redline.

There is one show in the evening from Tuesday to Friday, and two shows on Saturday. There are no shows hosted in during the holy month of Ramadan. The seating is reserved, and one must sit on the place allotted. Even if the seats are reserved, management insists spectators to reach the venue at least half an hour to 45 minutes before the show with a valid photo ID card.