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For UAE Residents travelling out of UAE.



For Tourists travelling in to UAE.

  • Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

Orient brings to you Easy Journey Travel Insurance. Easy Journey offers tailored comprehensive worldwide travel insurance policies, which are designed to meet your individual and family travel requirements.

You plan your travel to fit your lifestyle, whether quick overseas business trips, discovery of new places, or a round the world trip of lifetime, holidaying with loved ones etc. Go ahead and travel with peace of mind anywhere in the world. Orient is right behind you with an immediate response to your call and have you covered 24/7.

No matter how far, how long, or how often you travel, Orient has the right insurance cover for you.

For more details on the Travel Insurance products, please do not hesitate to e-mail reservations@ctctourism.ae or call +971 (0) 43 979 979.

Easy Journey offers the following Travel Insurance Plans:

Easy Journey Inbound Travel Insurance
Easy Journey Outbound Travel Insurance