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When in Dubai, you better not miss the Arabian Desert Safari experience. It is indeed an outstanding experience. It is important to remember that all desert safari experiences are not the same. To be honest, you get exactly what you pay for in this experience. So be careful when selecting your desert safari service provider. It is better not to select the cheapest desert safari that is on offer, since it is most likely not to be of the expected quality.
Also there are a lot of variations in the Desert Safari Experience, namely:

Desert Safari – Fixed Pick Up

This is the most economical Desert Safari option available. Pick up is done in a luxury coach and the tourists are transported to the safari site. Tourists are then moved to safari vehicles (Land Cruisers) after which the Desert Safari begins. After the Safari is complete, the guests are taken for an amazing BBQ dinner.

Arabian Desert Safari

Arabian Desert Safari is the most commonly bought desert safari. Tourists usually prefer this over the other safari’s because it is reasonably economically and the hassle of moving from the luxury coach to the land cruiser is avoided. Tourists are picked up from the hotel in a land cruiser and taken directly to the desert safari site for dune bashing. Also the time spent in dune bashing is a lot more in Arabian Desert Safari compared to the other safaris. After the Safari is complete, the guests are taken for an amazing BBQ dinner.

Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari is quite similar to the Arabian Desert Safari with only a few differences. The first difference is the pickup time. For the Morning Desert Safari pickup is done in the morning while for the Arabian Desert Safari pickup is in the afternoon. The second difference is that the Morning Desert Safari does not have the BBQ Dinner option like in the Arabian Desert Safari.

Desert Safari – Premium

Desert Safari – Premium is exactly the same as Arabian Desert Safari in terms of the safari experience. However the experience is completely enhanced after the safari when you are a premium guest. No waiting in queues when dinner is served. Be seated and your food will be served on your table to give you the VIP experience.

Overnight Desert Safari

A chance to spend your night in the middle of the deserts, under a wide, starry-studded sky is not something you would get a chance to experience on a daily basis. This tour has everything that a regular desert safari tour offers like camel riding, henna painting, dune bashing, quad biking, belly dancing, etc. The only difference is that after the delicious dinner, you do not return to your home. Rather, you spend the night in the desert. All the facilities that would make your stay in the desert comfortable and at the same time exciting are available at your disposal. Guests are provided with sleeping bags and blankets as well as unlimited coffee/tea if they want to spend their time staying awake watching the sights of the desert at night and listening to the sounds. The best part is that you can wake up to a beautiful sunrise in the desert. After a comforting breakfast, you would be back to your hotel room with some amazing memories that you would preserve forever.

What all can you do in one day?

Well, there is a lot you can do in a day in Dubai. If sightseeing is your thing, go for the Dubai City Tour. If you have never experienced the Arabian Desert Safari, I suggest you dedicate you day to the desert. If thrill something that excites you, IMG World of Adventure is your best bet. Select a tour operator who can efficiently plan your day with the activities that you like. To get the most out of your Dubai experience, it is important to dedicate time to each activity, doing 4 to 5 activities in a day will leave you exhausted and unsatisfied. It’s always better to line up 2 to 3 activities in a day and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

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